Learn to eat and heal with intention with Michelle Shapiro, Registered Dietitian.


Haven't missed an episode!

I love your show. Thank you so much for making the science understandable and enjoyable.

- Tabilba

Passion, Clarity, Perspective, Warmth, and Humor

These adjectives are how I would describe Michelle Shapiro, host of Quiet the Diet. She and her teammate, Nicki, deliver an empowering and very listenable/bingeable podcast that I recommend to friends and colleagues. 

- WellnessWhileWalking

Every Episode is 🔥

I've followed Michelle for a while on Instagram and only recently started listening to her podcast. With every episode I'm hanging on every word and taking tons of notes. As someone with a chronic illness, food sensitivities and a past of disordered eating habits, this content is SOOO helpful for me. I also appreciate Michelle's approach to nutrition. Thank you so much for doing this podcast!!!

- Luna4203

Highly recommend 👍👍

With so many podcasts out there on "diet" & nutrition, I love that Quiet the Diet really gets into the WHY behind health. Michelle & her guests take a holistic view of health & wellness, which is refreshing in the "lose quick" or "get skinny" mantras you see from so many other sources. Love the science! Thank you!

- JNell20

Great podcast 😊

I really appreciate information that is holistic and doesn't just tell you what to eat/what not to eat and when. As a functional medicine physician, I really appreciated the episode on navigating medical appointments. The majority of patients I see have been gaslighted by the conventional medicine community and I loved the advice given about how to navigate these appointments.

- Dr.Koczab

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