Quiet the Diet

Are you struggling with yo-yo dieting?

Sick of feeling fear and confusion about every bite of food you eat?

Want to lose weight without making yourself miserable? Then it's time to QUIET THE DIET!

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What You'll Discover In Quiet The Diet

Here is the journey you will take to become a person who makes food decisions independently and confidently, who lives in a body you love, while living a life that you love.

MODULE 1: The Fed-Up Dieter

You have accepted that dieting no longer serves you and you are SICK of the ups and downs of dieting. 

MODULE 2: The Conscious Observer

You have learned to objectively notice your own relationship with food, and you're becoming an expert journal-er.

MODULE 3: The Hopeful Visionary

You know that you will achieve the healthy body and mind of your dreams, because you have created it! You visualize your best self and know exactly how to fight negative thoughts. 

MODULE 4: The Skilled Warrior

You know exactly how to eat, and you eat according to how you feel. You have a good grasp on nutrition, intuitive eating, intermittent fasting, and how to meal plan.

MODULE 5: The Resilient Advocate

You know exactly how to react when your coworker tells you how to eat. You know just what to do when you fall off of your plan and fail. 

MODULE 6: The Diet Quieter!

You know exactly how to eat, what to eat, how to defend yourself and you NEVER need to do another diet again. You have control and freedom over food decisions and feel confidence and radiance every day.

You Deserve A Life Without Dieting

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