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Season 1 Episode 1:

Can We Lose Weight While Being Body Positive? 

with Michelle Shapiro RD

Episode Summary:

Check out our debut episode! Podcast host (and your new best friend) Michelle Shapiro, an integrative and functional Registered Dietitian, talks the TRUTH about current trends in nutrition. In this episode we discuss:

  • Michelle’s own personal story of drastic weight loss efforts *which she does not recommend,* and the health consequences that can ensue
  • Body neutrality and weight loss through a functional nutrition lens
  • The crucial difference between body neutrality and body positivity, and what this means for your health journey
  • The truth about current trends in nutrition (think: Body positivity, HAES, Intuitive Eating)
  • Tangible steps for how to determine if/when weight loss is right for YOU
  • How to access your authentic inner voice and be your own healthcare advocate

We hope you stick around for a season full of captivating and practical information to help you Quiet the Diet and become the best version of YOU!

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(5:00) Background about Michelle’s drastic weight loss journey (what NOT to do!) and personal experiences growing up in a larger body

(7:25) Evidence of why weight loss is not always good. Health effects of Michelle’s rapid weight loss: Anxiety, panic attacks, hair loss, fatigue, acid reflux, hypothyroid and the positive aspects of her weight loss 

(12:00) What is functional nutrition? Root-cause healing vs. treating symptoms

(15:05) Michelle’s take on nutrition current movements: Health at Every Size and Body Positivity. What they get right & what they don’t.

(21:40) Why/how do we Quiet the Diet? How to access your own authentic voice to make autonomous food choices. 

(26:12) How social media is incorrectly lumping beneficial ancient modalities in with the “diet culture” 

(31:28) 3 Steps you can take right now to determine if weight loss is right for you 

(36:35) The problems with “intuitive eating” and how to ACTUALLY eat intuitively 

(40:23) What’s coming up this season!

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